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ESD products are used across many industries, few are listed below ...

  • Agro-based industry, Seed Steripot Controller
  • Dairy, Pasteurization, Bulk Milk Collection Centers, Clean-In-Plant (CIP) System
  • Sugar: Juice Flow Per Hour, Large Display
  • HVAC, Chiller Controllers, Compressor Distributed Controllers, Controller for ACs
  • Pharmaceutical, Clean Room Industries, 2 or 4 Door Locking System, Powder Dispensing Booth, Pass Box Controller, Static Pass Box Controller
  • Forging, Foundry with products like Peak Hold Controllers, Billet Counting and Sorting System, Profile Controller, Counter Web Based SCADA, IR Gun Peak Hold Display
  • Automotive, Speed and Torque Controller, Fuel Consumption Measurement Sytem
  • Electrical & Light: Lamp Life Test Rig for performance Testing of Automobile, Domestic Bulbs etc.
  • Cement: Mixer Controller, Ash Mixer Bin Controller
  • Power Distribution: Transformer Oil Cleaning System with IEC61850 protocol on Fiber Optic, Ethernet
  • Oil & Gas: Multi Spot Temperature measurement of Fuel in huge storage tanks, Flameproof Filling Arm Controller
  • Solar: Temperature Controller for Solar Water Heating System
  • Railways: Locomotive Turbo Charger Performance Monitoring System
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