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Sleek 9223ST : Single Input, Two Control output in 92 x 92 mm specific for Soak Time control applications

# Characteristics Specifications
1ModelSleek 9223ST
2InputPt-100 / Thermocouple / 4-20 mA
3IndicationTwo number of 4 digits 12.5mm height Red Super bright LED
4Indication Accuracy+/- 0.25 % of full scale +/- 1 digit
5Output2 Relay O/P for Soak Time Contoller, 1 O/P for Hooter
6Soak TimerSettable in minutes, after Time completed Hooter turned on.
7Hooter acknowledgeAccept Push Button to acknowledge Hooter
8Programming4 key membrane keypad
9CalibrationSoftware based
10Power Supply230 V AC, +/- 10% (other options on demand)
11Cutout92 x 92 mm, Depth: 80 mm

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