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Sensor Accessories

Compensating Cables: It is the cable made from alloys having emf characteristics equivalent to thermocouples. As the characteristics is similar to thermocouple conductor this eliminates the effect of Junction which is either thermocouple head or junction box. This cable is used to connect mV signal from thermocouple to instrument. Composition of alloy is matched to suit different types of thermocouples. These are available in different insulation grades like PVC / PVC, Teflon Teflon, Asbestos / Asbestos to suit different environmental conditions of installation. Temperature range for these compensating cables is 100 C max. They are available in 2 core as well as multicore.

Tips about Compensating Cable: To get the best performance, accuracy and stability following tips will be useful.
  • Use same type of compensating cable without joint.
  • Select proper sheathing material as per application and environment.
  • Isolate sensor cables from power cables.
  • Use same type of compensating cable without joint.
  • Avoid exposure of Thermocouple head to temperatures greater than 90 C.
  • Avoid excessive ambient temperature and corrosive gases in surroundings.

Three core cable:
3 core Copper Cable 1mm of different insulation material like , Teflon/Teflon, Teflon/Teflon MB (Metal Briaded), Shielded PVC/PVC are available as extension cables for Pt-100 sensors. 
  • Teflon/Teflon
  • Teflon/Teflon MB (Metal Briaded)
  • Use same type of compensating cable without joint.
  • Shielded PVC/PVC.
Different types of flanges are available in SS306, SS310, SS216, Aluminium.