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Team ESD is actively involved in Social Activities, which is not just a formality like the CSR activity! Our Social Touch is mainly focused on Organic Farming!

Every two months an Organic Farming Study Group (OFSG) event is held at locations around Pune.
Every year about 250 farmers visit from all over the state of Maharashtra attend the OFSG 2 days event.
In this event, in-depth experience sharing sessions are held. All participating farmers discuss experiments that were done and their success or failure.
As its more of an experience-sharing session, it is a self-sustainable mission that has been continuously taking place for the past 10+ years.
If you want eager to start your own Organic Farm or willing to understand about it or want to share your experience, then you are more than welcome to be part of this Movement!

To be part of this journey, please write to pbs@esd-india.com

Mr. Pandurang B. Shitole, Dr. Mahadev Panchegaonkar, Mr. Prithvi Ghorpade are leading organizers and enthusiasts in initiating the Organic Farmers Study group activity. 

Organic Farming Activities:
  • Discuss and have brainstorming sessions on Organic Farming methods, techniques.
  • Discuss and implement various value-added and organic food processing methods for a healthy, and sustainable lifestyle.
  • Guide young farmers and provide required assistance at various stages leading to Organic Farming
  • Prepare documentation, write-ups, articles for magazines, newspapers etc, on topics pertaining to Organic Farming
  • OFSG has a very active WhatsApp group where members participate in constructive discussions and share information related to Organic Farming from across the globe