• ESD is in the field of manufacturing Temperature Measurement & Control Instruments. During this period, we have achieved the Preferred Source Status by building our organization on certain merits and values. Achieving the goal needs a lot of hard work and the right kind of infrastructure. This is precisely the combination we have. Our hard work and commitment are visible the moment our association starts.
  • ESD is known for its Indigenously designed, developed and manufactured high-quality products which include Temperature Sensors, Indicators, Controllers, Scanners, Data Acquisition Systems (DAS), Alarm Annunciators, Transmitters, Simulators, Unique Application Products (UAPs) & Automation Panels, Wireless Solutions.
  • We manufacture more than 150 different products for diverse applications, & offer our customers a wide range to choose from. We design unique products to suit specific customer applications too.
  • Customers are central to our business & our mission is to make our customers happy by providing reliable products, comprehensive services & value for money. Our core competency lies in the design, the technology & the workmanship which ensure the trouble-free performance of the product year on year.
  • Products are designed using the latest technology to ensure a faster response, greater accuracy & higher reliability even in extreme environmental conditions.
  • Thanks to the robust construction, state-of-the-art design & continued engineering efforts, ESD today is the acknowledged leader in the vanguard of technological innovations. We get constant useful feedback & inputs from our customers to enhance product value & we value the feedback. Our customer support team provides technical assistance so as to select the right model for the right application.