Thermal Test System

Thermal Test System is an integrated solution provided by ESD for measurement of Thermal Endurance Test for electrical components. This solution has been deployed at two renowned Light Bulb manufacturing companies in Bangalore and Noida. And it has resulted in greater efficiency for the Testing department and effectively saved a lot on manpower and Test Rigs. If you need any specific Test Rigs to be designed and developed for your organisation, please do call us now. We will definately provide a workable and bettere alternative leading to higher efficiency and enhanced results.



Customer Relationship Management has become a key in the competitive environment now. Organizations are realized the importance of CRM. If you want to implement a CRM for your company, contact


Data Logger

ESD Data Logger Software has the facility to communicate on MODBUS RTU or MODBUS ASCII protocol. It has high end features like Real Time Graphs, Grid View display of readings, Online Readings, History, Alarms, Band selection for graphs. Reports are available in Microsoft Excel and PDF format.


Foundry Data Acqusition System

Foundry DAS has been specifically designed to cater the requirements of the Foundry industry. It has settings for Low and High setpoints and the job within this range is considered to be accepted, rest of the jobs are rejected and recycled back. This software works hand-in-hand with ESD controller designed specifically for the Foundry industry. To call for a demo of this particular application, please write to us at


HRM – Human Resource Management

Developed for a leading and growing outsourcing company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA – the HRM is been used for tracking the employee Visa status. It has resulted in effective handling by the HR department and smooth working of the employees also resulting in better communication amongst the organisation.


Customized product development

Based on the Foundry DAS platform, we have customized various products as per client’s requirement. Take a look at one such application development for Billet Monitoring System for an Auto ancillary unit.


These are few of the customized product development as per client’s need. Good in-depth knowledge of manufacturing domain, with added technological edge from the software development purview, gives ESD an edge over its competitors. Be there any requirement regarding software development, do write to us at