Software Testing

Manual Testing

Testing is one of the prime important aspect in the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and it gets under estimated most of the times. A badly tested product creates bad impression on the customer and leads to unpleasant talks and scenarios. Do not let this happen to your product.

At times its human to not accept our own defects, and thats where most of the developers and development companies fall prey to. Having a 3rd party test the code is always a better task. It gives a new dimmension and outlook to the testing.

Get your products thoroughly tested by ESD and create a big impression.

Automated Testing

Each and every type of Testing has its own importance. Both are equally important and one cannot ignore manual testing. But at the same time Automated Testing is something which has to be given special attention now-a-days. Automated Test Scripts in QTP, and framework like Selenium etc is of utmost importance.

ESD has a good skilled testers who are good at automated testing. Test Data creation is also one of the most important aspect which generally gets under estimated most of the times. And we at ESD are excellent in analyzing the requirements, understand the Test Data needs and create useful test scenarios.

Get Automated testing done once, and you will see the difference yourself.


Performance Testing

When the going gets tough, the tough get going !! Software is no exception to this. Enhance for your software to last the tougher times, it has to be tested for tougher enviroments and conditions. After all whatever one builts, is built to perform. If it doesn’t perform, its a failure.

Get your website, desktop application testing and certified to last for the tougher times.